A shopping experience that is simple and convenient.

Get the best price at your fingertips via a simple chat with stores

We will not spam.
We want to just let you know when we launch.

One App that helps you get the best price across different stores, everytime you shop!

Buyer Bingo enables you to chat with stores in your neighbourhood through a simple app, thus helping you
experience convenient shopping.


In 3 easy steps, the app will help you explore both online and offline prices of a product. You don't need to visit different e-commerce sites or a physical store to identify the best possible purchase.


Sit right where you are, explore your desired purchase at your finger tips. The store in your neighbourhood just might give you a sweet deal with a freebie that you might not get with online stores.


With most of the stores moving to the messaging platform of Buyer Bingo, going forward you would get quick and personal response like visiting a physical store. You get to shop from where you are.


You search for a product and the product if available is shown across different categories.

You choose the product you want to buy from the search list and you get to see its online price across various retailers.

The app shows the prices across offline stores near you so that you can compare between online and offline stores.

You can chat with an offline store to negotiate the best price and also ask them to give you some freebies.

Make your shopping easy and more awesome

No spam guaranteed. We just would love to tell you when we launch.

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